Be civil.

Be excellent to each other. Be upstanding citizens.


All messages posted to the server must be in English.


Since the BDFL fundamentally DOES NOT want to manage permanent user-generated conversations,
message retention policy is set to 7 days for most channels (and 1 month for several).
This helps to keep the discussion fresh and lightweight and enhances privacy.

Please do not establish processes that violate the intended retention periods on a wholesale basis.


Enforcement actions are driven by the rules, which are themselves driven by the BDFL's vision,
which is itself driven by (what is believed to be) the needs of the open-source Common Lisp community,
as notably reflected in community feedback in #meta and on GitHub.

The BDFL may post enforcement-related feedback, guidelines or clarifications in any channel.
Any discussion about these interventions must take place in #meta, else they will be deleted.

For now, so as to ensure consistency and accountability, the BDFL is the only enforcer of the rules.
Consult #mod-log to keep track of all enforcement actions. We are committed to transparency.

Block trolls.

If you see a troll, please immediately block them and DO NOT engage with them, this way everyone can easily do the same.
The BDFL will ban the troll and delete all their messages if appropriate, normally within 24 hours (but usually much faster).

The above strategy is effective against blatant rules-infringing trolls.
Of course, rules-abiding trolls will receive a much more lenient treatment, and blocking them may not be necessary.
Persistent trolling, even if rules-abiding, will not be tolerated. "Persistence" is determined by the BDFL on a case-by-case basis.

To prevent "concern-trolling", long-time Common Lisp contributors may be given slightly more leeway than random outsiders.


The BDFL reserves the right to clarify, amend or otherwise evolve the rules at any time.
Any modifications to the rules will be reflected here and announced in #announcements.
The live version of this site closely tracks the master branch on GitHub.


If you're not sure where to post something, ask in #triage and we'll direct you to the appropriate channel.
Beware that entire discussions may be deleted if they happen in the wrong channel, so be diligent.